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EDB-Hosting, Who are we?
EDB-Hosting has worked in the market with its own customers for several years. The good success has meant that we have chosen to open up to more customers who can benefit from the service we have offered our customers for several years. Everything run secured with backup on fast server with fast connection.

That's What We Do

We keep you running
Our statistics show we have a much higher up time than our competitors. Our up time ensure you unnecessary down time on your page and email so you do not miss visitors to your page or web shop.


Hosting the easy way!
Our web panel is among the simplest you will find and everyone can find out how to get started. buy a domain install your webshop, blog or whatever you need and then you're up and running. fast and simple. .

Why Choose Us?

We assure you that your site is always on a server that is updated with the latest security patches.

High speed
Our server is always optimized for the best speed.

Find answers without waiting in our Knowledge Base
Many have simple questions that they can actually handle themselves quickly and efficiently. We have a good Knowledge Base that provides answers to the most common questions without having to contact support.

Our server is optimized to run in cache mode which gives you a higher speed on your page.

24/7 Mail Support
Our support pages ready on the keys just write an email and we will investigate the matter and return with an answer as soon as possible.

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